Photography Workshop For Nirma University

Some stills from our recent photography workshop for Nirma University .
We offers regular Basic and Advanced photography courses,that have been meticulously designed by us. With its stress on imparting a strong understanding of the fundamentals of photography and avoiding short-cuts or gimmicks, we are creating new benchmarks in visual arts education in Ahmedabad. If you wish to attend our courses or get to know more about them, please register with us for regular updates or the workshop updates.

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Prewedding Ahmedabad

Outdoor Pre Wedding Photo Shoot In Ahmedabad

Pre-wedding Photography is a highly recommended addition to the wedding collection. On your wedding day, time for taking photos will be quite limited, so that’s where a pre-wedding photo shoot comes in. It is also a great chance for us to get to know each other closer, make yourselves relaxed in front of the camera, and yes, you’ll have some truly great photos too! I believe the best way to do a pre-wedding shoot is by simply hanging around places special to you and doing things you love doing – simple as that! It may be a barbecue in a local park, a ZOO visit or perhaps mountain climbing is your thing?

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Product photography ahmedabad

Advertising Product Photographer In Ahmedabad

 Product photography ahmedabad
Product Photography

We will build you a beautiful, professional online catalog that makes your products shine. High-quality, professionally-shot photographs compel customers to spend, and we know the best ways to capture your products so you can make sales – fast.
Ready to take your store to the next level? Call 9898550223 and lets discuss your needs with us today!
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Glamour Lighting Workshop By Varun Patel Photography In Ahmedabad Gujarat India

Check out the behind the scene and all the shots in this video

Our this particular workshop totally was for glamour lighting. We kept the students on very minimum number so that everyone gets personal attention from Mr Varun Patel.

In our workshops photographers learns the proper camera settings as well the best lighting for each situation. Our all workshops will provide insights to understanding the delicate lighting procedures needed to better capture and control the set. Photographers will learn to bring out their passion for capturing amazing models in our workshop.

You will receive: Professional Glamour Models
Professional instruction from a Published Photographer Mr Varun Patel
Guided Lighting Practice
Enhanced Portfolio Images

If you are looking forward to learn fundamentals of photography or the advance level photography on 1to1 bases with Mr Varun Patel, then please feel free to visit one of our website for more information about our photography courses . The URL is as follow . And if you have any queries regarding any photography course or retouching course then please feel free to contact us at or call us on 9898550223 .

We run our photography courses in ahmedabad . We do conduct workshops out of ahmedabad also , for our workshop information please feel free to call .

To check out the final images from this workshop please feel free to visit our student’s gallery at Student’s Gallery .

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bikini photoshoot ahmedabad

Dusky Dawn

I can sure say that this picture is one of my favorite shot from my recent shoots because , it came out the way i was looking forward to do and the model did so amazing job that that it totally compliments the whole scene
bikini photoshoot ahmedabad
Well this is not my first time shooting bikini but i was really looking forward to this shoot because , i knew that this totally was something that can either come out very nicely or can totally be an average picture , but i am so happy that it came out so nicely , and i will give all the credit to my team and this model here , she has such amazing body that all i was looking from her was no pose but just a good posture . I did shot the same scene with one of my student the day before the actual shoot to know that will the lights be the way I want or not . Any ways so if you shoot at right time you can get some good quality lights like this
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Fashion Photography Workshop In Ahmedabad With Two Lovely Model

Here are some of the images from our recent fashion photography workshop. We are posting the behind the scene and also some final images from the fashion photography workshop that we did in ahmedabad recently.

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IMG_9548 part2

Classy Victorian

I should really thank my designers sejal and Dhaval Soni for totally believing in my concept and trusting my team for the shoot and i should also thank my wonderful friend Payal Patel for the wonderful location as this shoot was not at all possible with out your help , and obviously i should not forgot my model here Arushi Tariyal for being there on the shoot even though she was having fever and she was not well at all . Also thanks lot to my team for being there cheers .

Check out the behind the scene and all the shots in this video

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Hue Fantasy

When Anchor Amrita Acharya( our model here ) called me up and said that her sister Vaishali , who by the way is an amazing makeup artist , wants to shoot something conceptual with the makeup , with out even thinking twice i told her that i am up for that as i love shooting something creative. And when i have model like amrita and makeup artist like vaishali then i have no doubt that the results will come out amazing . So here is our effort lets see what all my friends here has to say about this , hope you will like the outcome as they both have given their 100% for this

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Understanding lights

Understanding the light in photography can make huge difference

My both shots here are with the natural lights only , but both are having totally different kind of lighting . When you are working with natural lights only then things like timing and angles matters a lot and can make quite huge difference in the final outputs . So my tips to all the fellow photographers out there is to try to understand the lights, rather then shooting any thing in any lighting condition and correcting the lighting in PS or any post processing tool .

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Photography workshops

Fashion Photography Workshop In Ahmedabad

We do organize fashion and portrait photography workshops in ahmedabad , but these workshops are exclusively for our students only . Our these workshops are free of cost workshops , the intention behind this workshops is only to give our students better practice and to give them the experience of working with the models . They can try different type of lighting and practice different things with the models in these workshops. If you want to know more about how to join our fashion photography workshops in ahmedabad then please feel free to call us at 9898550223 or drop us a mail at

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