Artistic Nudes

Things to know before you shoot NUDES

Being a commercial photographer and a tutor people many times asks me about How they can shoot artistic nudes ? or what they should look for before such shoots . Well here is my answer and few good tips to all the new shooters out there .

Artistic Nudes


-> Before the shoot even starts, make sure the model is comfortable with what you’re going to do by discussing the shots.
-> If your model has never done a nude shoot, start with very basic poses with lingerie on to make them comfortable.
-> Never touch the model. Instead, mirror the poses to them.
-> Don’t use too wide of a lens if the background is cluttered, this will help avoid getting it in the shot. Stick with a good, standard portrait lens.
-> Be careful with sharp bends and angles in the poses you ask from the model to avoid creases in the skin.

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Fashion Photography

Snow Queen

This image is the proper example of what any magazine/agency will look for in your work when you are photography cum retoucher . I normally retouch my images and i do take a lot of time out from my schedule to do the same cause what i feel is when it comes to fashion or artistic portraits , the retouching has to be very proper to get the 100% out of your work . If you click on this image and look closely you can literally see every single pores of skin . This is what magazines/agencies are paying for , so now onwards when ever you are planning to submit your images to magazines/agencies for their print work , make sure you retouch that in a way to keep it realistic and at the same time interesting as well .
Photography & Retouching : Varun Patel
MUA : Aanal Patel
Model : Vedika Vyas

 Fashion Photography
Artistic Portrait

photography Ahmedabad

Basic + Advance Level Photography Courses

Go beyond the Basics with your DSLR camera. This course builds on the basics in the Module-1 and takes your photography further into Creative Scenarios like; Better Portraits, Night Photos, Nature (including Sunsets), High Speed, and Time Lapse (those cool videos where 12 hours happen over a few seconds), Flash Photography in the Module-2. This course also includes two Chapter on Image Editing. For full point to point course detail please visit the following link Advance course .

Our registrations for the course is open . For Booking please call 91 9898 550 223 or you can also mail us on following mail address –

Check out our workspace here in the following video

Course preview

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levitation photography

Conceptual Shoots

Evil Commotion
Well about this particular shot i will go a bit in depth , from how the concept came to my mind to how we execute .
Well i thought about this concept while i was sleeping wink emoticon really not kidding guys yes i thought bout this during my sleep ( i think many other interesting things also wink emoticon not just the ghosts ) . Then did the mental sketches for the same , found the exact location to go along with the concept , the next point was to select the right models for the same and luckly i got these two lovely looking models who were ready to expiriment with my concept and finally the MUA , i can never thank her enough she always believes in my concepts and gives her best to give me what exacty i want from the makeup . But the crew members from my team also gave amazing support and ya this would not be possible with out them any ways if you want to know more about the shot feel free to come down for a coffee.
Model : Maitry Joshi , Raktima Rava
MUA : Radhika Ribadia
levitation photography
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Fashion Photography Workshop By Varun Patel


Feel free to check out the following gallery to know what our students have shot after completing the courses and workshops with us

Check out this amazing behind the scene of the shoot

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modelling portfolio

Model’s Portfolio Shoot And Video Shoot

Congratulations on taking the next step in your modeling career! I will meet with you to discuss what you’re looking for, the type of shoot, the mood and message you’re trying to achieve. Based on this discussion, I’ll build up a detailed brief of what needs to happen during your shoot.

A fashion model portfolio is a collection of a model’s best model photographs which are used to get fashion modelling assignments with top modelling clients. Your model portfolio is an essential part of your model look and will reflect that in your model photographs. It’s important that you keep updating your portfolio regularly and you will find it one of your most important model tools in your possession.

We also create slow motion or regular full HD videos for the model to put that there in their profile . Check the sample of our video for this amazing model .

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